H.Y.P.E. Starts Soon!
Information will be coming out soon regarding our Half Year All Star Cheer or Dance Program. We will post dates for our Parent Meetings to receive all information, dates, costs, etc. If you are interested in All Stars, but can't make a full year commitment, then our Half Year program is for you!

Columbia Ninja Academy

Treat Your Child To The World Of Ninja Obstacle Course Training Today!

Treat your child to a fun and exciting way to spend all of that energy with our Ninja Academy here at Premier Athletics - Columbia.

This program challenges students all across Knoxville to run, jump, tumble, and roll through exciting obstacle courses. Ninja Academy is a recreational program that is great for ages 5-18 and can be tailored to meet the needs of any fitness level. 

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What Makes Our Ninja Academy So Special?

Ninja Academy includes 55 minutes of high-energy fun. Our team challenges students to stay active, overcome obstacles, and feel great about every single accomplishment along the way. We're offering students across Columbia the perfect way to equip your child with foundational athleticism and to help them learn the joys of physical fitness.

Each and every session is held in a safe, supportive environment where students of all experience levels can find success. We have a cutting-edge Ninja Warrior setup that can help your child have a blast each and every time they join us. 

At Premier Athletics - Columbia, your child can develop:

  • Agility and fine motor skills
  • Fast twitch muscle fibers
  • Muscle development and endurance
  • Long-lasting cardiovascular benefits

Don't Miss Out On The Incredible Ninja Academy System Here In Columbia! 

If you're searching for a fun and exciting way to keep your child active, look no further. Our Ninja Academy here at Premier Athletics - Columbia is offering this high-energy Ninja system for students all across our community and we can't wait for your child to try it out!

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