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Hayley Stevens "Shine", Fitness Instructor

Cheerleading near Columbia

Hayley Stevens "Shine"

Born in Nashville, TN, Hayley (Shine) began cheering when she was 5 years old at Premier Athletics in Franklin. She continued to cheer for All-Stars for the next 17 years where she has won multiple National Championships. At that time, Shine also competed with Brentwood High School where she competed at UCA High School Nationals where her team competed in finals. She continued cheerleading into college where she competed with the University of Louisville Cheerleading team. Shine competed on both the Small Coed and All-Girl team where she won NCA College Nationals all four years. While in college, she competed with GymTyme All-Stars in Louisville, KY where her team won The Cheerleading Worlds 3 times. After moving home from college, she decided to continue her passion and began coaching at Premier. Shine is excited for another season with Premier and loves seeing the athletes grow and accomplish their goals.

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